ABC GOOD MORNING AMAERICA: New York sets up quarantine checkpoints to stop COVID-19

We turn to New York City, well, a success story in a lot of ways, got its outbreak under control and now cracking down on out-of-up toers from high risk areas to prevent another wave in the city. Setting up now quarantine checkpoints and threatening big fines for people breaking the rules. Good morning to you, Jim. Reporter: Hey, tj, good yes, this is one of the checkpoints we know about. The city will be choosing checkpoints day-to-day and entry points into the city like bridges and tunnels.

We saw one Wednesday. Officials here in New York say this is because a fifth of new covid cases in New York City are from people coming from other STEs. Now, travelers from 34 states plus Puerto Rico must quarantine for 14 days if coming to new York unless they are passing they have to fill out a travelers form. Officials will call, text or randomly check on travelers. Those who violate quarantine rules may be forced to pay up to $10,000 and those who do not fill that form out at all may face a $2,000 fine.

About travelers, air travelers as well have had to adjust, airlines have been requiring passengers to wear masks. But now you are learning they are even tightening up those mask restrictions. Reporter: Yeah, we are talking about jet blue, united, Alaska airlines, they’re actually choosing to ban these kind of masks. They’re the ones with the vent or the valves. We are told they are not just as effective. That is why they will be bank them. Cheese those surgical masks or cloth coverings instead. Thank you so much.