Harvey Weinstein exiting his hotel in downtown NYC

Hollywood mogul, Harvey Weinstein who will start a trial in June for alleged sex crimes committed was seen leaving his downtown New York City hotel this morning on his way to Manhattan Criminal Court escorted by the NYPD.

April 26, 2019. Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein leaves downtown New York hotel on his way to pre-trial.

The high profile sex case will be held in secret, closed to the public and the media. According to the Associated Press, Judge James Burke presided over arguments from big media organizations to televise the trial. Only to be shut down by the judge who stated that a locked and closed courtroom, “the only means available to avoid the tainting of the jury pool” as per the Associated Press.

The secret trial of the movie mogul will proceed with five counts of sexual assault and rape. Mr. Weinstein denied any allegations of sexual misconduct and nonconsensual sexual intercourse.