Cardi B appears in court for strip club assault charges

QUEENS, New York – Rapper Cardi B was arraigned in Queens Criminal Court Friday early morning. Cardi B missed her previous court appearance which could of lead to an arrest warrant being put out on the famous hip-hop artist. Cardi B showed up to court and took ownership for the incident at the strip, which avoided her arrest today. The rapper has issued an Order of Protection in regards to this incident to the other party. She was released without bail after the court hearing and ordered to return to court in January.

The New York Police Department has confirmed that she has a similar arrest in regards to another fight at Angels Strip club in Queens, back in August 2018. A public information officer from the precinct stated at that time the two women “were attacked with chairs, bottles, and other items.”

The rapper recently filed for divorce months after giving birth to her first child with Offset. She is set to release her new album sometime in 2019.

(Information provided by the Associated Press)