Tutto II Giorno is more than a pasta pestaurant

There are enough of vegetable dishes and meatless pasta that a vegetarian could eat extremely well at Tutto il Giorno. Look out for the bronzino and bottarga. Meat eaters, on the other hand, will find the steaks completely satisfying. The menu is short yet very sweet. It has been carefully curated to satisfy most taste buds.

The restaurant is on the ground floor of an apartment building in TriBeCa who chose to leave a space in the middle with a beautiful garden that you could almost feel as if you are not in the city. The restaurant’s founder recruited Chef Agostino Petrosino, and gave him a chance to bring his magic and flavors to New York City from his home town in Náples Italy. The acoustics are great, and traffic between tables flows smoothly. The decor is elegant and modern yet warm and cozy at the same time.

(Food & Travel/Photo by: Hector Abdelnour Pire)

The wine list practically begs you to take something new for a whirl: a catarratto from Sicily, a Corsican niellucciu, or a croatina-ughetta blend from Lombardy softened with some uva rara. Of course, you could stick to a $45 Lambrusco, or get a $250 Champagne, but not before having one of their amazing cocktails or martinis prepared by the talented and friendly bartenders.

If we are striving for total accuracy, though, we need to call Tutto il Giorno a pasta-vegetables-and-sorbete restaurant. Its sorbete is made in house; there are about four kinds at any given moment. The flavors open up right away, in part because they serve them just below the melting point and in part because the ingredients are used prodigally. There are a lot of almonds in the almond, and the espresso could keep you up an extra hour. But even the unflavored fior di latte, made with milk, cream, and sugar, comes at you in a rush.

(Food & Travel/Photo by: Hector Abdelnour Pire)

There are great choices for desserts, the only decision to make at the end of the night is which one you’re going to have.